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containerd Graduates in the CNCF!

Today is a big day for the CNCF containerd open source project. Today we become the fifth CNCF project to reach graduated status! For completeness, the existing graduated projects are Kubernetes, CoreDNS, Prometheus, and Envoy; you can see the full list of CNCF projects and maturity status here.

There will be plenty of news on today’s graduation, so rather than write a long post myself I’ll update the following list with the official press release, blog posts, and media outlet items as they appear:

But maybe you ended up here and are wondering “what is this containerd thing anyway, and why should I care?” Thankfully, the maintainers and contributors to containerd have generated a lot of content on this topic over the past few years and I will highlight a few here that may help you get up to speed:

A few final thoughts from me in closing—as someone who has been involved since the first hallway discussions about the need for a smaller, less opinionated core container runtime than Docker for the industry. Today represents a significant milestone in the discussion that started with some unhealthy rumors and rumblings about “forking Docker” years ago. I have shown the following slide in several containerd talks to try and represent the flurry of calls for something “boring” to sit underneath higher layers of the stack, including both Docker and Kubernetes, but envisioning much more than simply those use cases:

The calls for “boring” container infrastructure circa 2016

I think where we are today in the containerd project, with a clear and useful client API and specific features like the v2 shim—now used by Kata Containers, AWS Firecracker, and supporting OCI runc equivalents like gVisor and IBM Research’s Nabla project, is really amazing. It has become a really impressive base layer that I believe will be the underpinnings of a lot of container innovation for years to come. Congrats to my fellow maintainers, reviewers, contributors and all those who have tested, reported bugs, worked with us and made today a really special day in the timeline of containerd!


IBM Developer Video: Thoughts from me on the graduation of containerd

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