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I’m joining AWS!

Apparently coming as a surprise to many, I have made the difficult decision to leave IBM after 26+ years with the company. Today I am joining Amazon Web Services as a Principal Engineer in the container compute team.

First and foremost, I must acknowledge that I had an amazing career journey at IBM. I would not have stayed 26 years if that were not true. I had so many opportunities to do interesting work and so many things fell my way; it was definitely not something I carefully architected and controlled!

I got to work on porting important software, like the IBM JVM, to Linux thanks to being an early Linux user at IBM. Years later I was invited to work on Linux distribution work that led to a role where I grew in both leadership and scope over a number of years, including IBM relationships with distro providers at Red Hat and Canonical. During that time I learned a ton about open source software development and communities. The end of that era led me right into the explosion of Docker and containers where I invested the last 6 years of my IBM career.

Joining AWS, and specifically the container organization under Deepak Singh, is a perfect next step for my career. Given my deep involvement in the CNCF containerd project, my work in the OpenSSF, and my interest in helping at the complex intersection between contributing and adopting open source software and managed cloud services, I’m looking forward to seeing how I can help Amazon, and specifically AWS, continue their journey providing container offerings and using and contributing to open source projects in this space.

I’m excited for this specific Day 1 and all the “day 1s” to follow!

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