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Phil is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Software Group’s Cloud Performance and Open Technologies team. Phil’s team is involved across a broad set of cloud-related open source projects including CloudFoundry, OpenStack, and Docker. In addition to the team’s work in open communities, Phil’s team coordinates the integration of cloud technologies into IBM’s product organizations as well as performing proof-of-concept and customer demonstrations around these technologies.

Prior to Phil’s work with the Cloud Performance team, Phil was chief architect for embedded Linux in IBM’s Linux Technology Center and has deep expertise in Linux operating system packaging and build technologies. Over Phil’s 20 year career at IBM he also helped build emerging Internet technologies (WSDL, UDDI) in the web services era, brought IBM’s Java VM technology to Windows and Linux for IBM products, and architected and built web applications to convert key IBM services tools from aging proprietary application models for IBM’s consultant population.

Phil holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Florida Tech and received a M.S. in Software Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He currently resides in beautiful central Virginia with his wife and five children, as well as a dog, rabbit, and two parakeets.

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