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Category: IBM


Docker 1.10: Security and User Namespaces

I’ve had some amount of ownership and code in the Docker engine since the 1.3.0 release way back in October 2014. But there is definitely something very special about the latest 1.10 release given...


Riding the clouds to Tokyo

A quick succession of late year conferences is starting this week as I head to Tokyo for the bi-annual OpenStack Summit. While I am not involved in the OpenStack community directly, my Open Technologies...


IBM and Docker: Big Blue Containers!

It has been a big week for news about Docker in more ways than one, but with DockerCon Europe wrapping up today in Amsterdam, I decided to collect up the various announcements related to my...


Can IBM play in the startup world?

Don’t worry, I can handle it–I know that if you hear startup and IBM in the same sentence your first response might be laughter.  IBM has been known as the company mostly aligned with big...