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Catching Up: Docker Turning 2, Maintainers, User namespaces!

While I have been extremely busy, and possibly lacking in creativity, which has led to a lack of any recent posts here on my own blog, this past week provided two opportunities for items I’ve written for others to be published, and by some stroke of randomness, both appeared on different blog sites on the same day!

First of all, it was fun to represent my broader IBM Open Cloud Technologies team by writing our “Happy 2nd Birthday Docker!” post as a key contributor and one of the first maintainers from IBM on the Docker project.  If you are interested in learning more about Docker–and potentially contributing to open source–this upcoming week (and weeks following) will be a great time to dig in as both in-person and online “parties” will be happening with lots of experts and current contributors available to help new participants in various areas of contribution.  The in-person events are worldwide across fifteen cities, staffed by current maintainers of the Docker project and other knowledgeable contributors!  Find a way to get involved, and if you are attending the Austin event, come say hi!

Secondly, A post I wrote for the February maintainers summit at Docker HQ was posted along with the quarterly Docker Governance Advisory Board notes and coverage.  I can easily say working with the Docker open source team has been a great pleasure.  The mix of maintainers from both Docker, Inc. and other interested parties and companies are simply a great group of intelligent software engineers who have succeeded in creating a welcoming open source community that enjoys working together.

My current work in the community that is a bit more involved than the usual bug fixes and PR review is an attempt to bring user namespace support–now in Go 1.4 and libcontainer–into the Docker runtime.  There is a lot of work to do but hopefully I can write up something soon to detail how that work is progressing, and you can follow one of the first PRs on the topic for more details until then!

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