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DockerCon 2017!

DockerCon 2017 is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to another action-packed week of activities before, during, and after this year’s event! This year’s USA-flavor of DockerCon will be held in Austin, Texas from April 17th-20th. And if the USA isn’t your speed, remember that an EU DockerCon is back on the agenda this year for October 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

To get you ready for DockerCon this year, here are some of my thoughts, memories, and perspectives on DockerCon events from year’s past:

How many DockerCons have you attended?

Three: DockerCon SF 2015, DockerCon EU 2015, DockerCon Seattle 2016.

What is your favorite DockerCon memory?

It’s hard to top seeing yourself live in a cartoon from the big stage! At my first DockerCon I was privileged to be portrayed in the opening video, cartoonified along with other maintainer friends at the time like Vincent Batts, Jess Frazelle, Solomon Hykes and others.

What are you most excited about for DockerCon 2017?

Hard to come up with only one thing, but being both a community member (as a maintainer in the Docker engine project) and now a Docker Captain means that DockerCon for me includes significant time to catch up with the rest of the open source community, hang out with other Docker Captains, and hear about what everyone is working on and creating in an interactive face-to-face setting that I don’t normally experience much of the year.

What is your favorite DockerCon talk of all time? Moment of all time?

I’m not sure I can pinpoint a single talk, but one thing that a few years of DockerCon has done for me is open my eyes to the value (and pitfalls!) of live demos. You can talk all day about your project or your vision or your code, but showing it to a live audience brings energy–and some nervous moments–to the room. Many talks across the years, including much of the main stage presentations have included a significant amount of live demonstrations of technology that add to the story of what containers can do for the developer, operator, admin, and so on.

Using that as a model, it was definitely exciting to be able to speak in the “Black Belt” track at DockerCon Seattle 2016, spending most of the time demonstrating live what runc could do and how developers might use it for their own workflow or development projects.

What advice do you have for those that are attending their first DockerCon?

Attend a talk that might be just outside your technical comfort zone in the Black Belt track–you’ll probably learn something useful. Grab a #dockerselfie with Betty Junod! Spend some time walking the vendor/expo area and see what cool things the container ecosystem is dreaming up. Don’t miss some of the really cool community theater talks that happen throughout the day in the expo area.

What is your favorite DockerCon swag?

I still use my Docker umbrella from Seattle last year! Definitely unique in that no one else has ever given me an umbrella, and it was a nice touch given Seattle’s stereotypical rainy environment. My two nice DockerCon backpacks have been commandeered by my kids, and I don’t think I’m ever getting them back.


So, I hope to see many of you at DockerCon 2017 in Austin in a few months. To receive a 10% discount off your total DockerCon ticket price, please use my code CaptainPhil when you register, and come say hi in Austin!

Register for DockerCon 2017!

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